The District Scoop app has the following features:
Quick access to relevant school information with a tap of a topic or tag or typing in the search bar.
See your coworkers, stay connected, and interact with them from any distance.

Find tools that help you be your best! Such as exercise breaks, affirmations, and resources.
Project Overview
Teachers are spending hours preparing lessons, doing less self-care, and less time relationship building with coworkers. Although the school district and health program workers are providing health, wellness, and community resources for teachers, there has been low engagement in using those resources and tools.
Roles and Responsibilities
UX Designer and Researcher- Design Sprint, User Research, Visual Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing
Persona, Wireframes, User Journey- Current State, User Journey Future State, Paper Prototype, Prototype, Clickable Prototype
My client wanted a way for teachers to utilize their health and wellness benefits but despite the use of multiple communication tools like email or the School Messenger app teachers have been missing the message.
Client's Vision
A well-informed and connected workforce

Teachers and school staff
I ran a 4-week solo design sprint case study applying all phases of the design sprint process. I had a co-creator that helped with brainstorming sessions and giving immediate feedback on concepts.
Discovery and Research
I had sessions with my client, where we discussed who the users were, the challenges school staff were facing, their goals, and the overall vision.
I did 2 surveys with 14 valid participants total and 3 expert interviews to add to our understanding. Teacher’s age ranged from 21- 57. There was an equal amount of males and females. Teachers were from various cities in Bay Area, California(Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose). They were either living with a partner or with a partner and a child. Most were kindergarten teachers and have been teacher for over 10 years. Others were middle school teachers and high school teachers. Half lives in an urban area and the other half in a suburban area.
Survey 1
The purpose of the 1st survey served as a post-COVID-19 check-in and demographics. The questions asked about comparisons to before and now regarding physical activity, current experience, movement level at work, and health tracking behaviors.
The criteria for my users were that they are current teachers who had to switch teaching modes at some point within this year ( in-person, distance, hybrid). I recruited participants from Thinkful slack groups, from Facebook UX Groups, and from my personal network. 20 users signed up but only 14 met the criteria. 
Results show that teachers are less active and that only 1 out of 14 participants            (Survey 1) were meeting the 10,000 steps a day recommendation. Some of their top concerns are COVID-19, more workload, and bad weather. Some of their challenges include: general anxiety related to COVID-19, social isolation, and working in a high-risk environment. 2 of the top 3 activities they do on break are sedentary activities such as eating and watching TV.
Survey 2
The purpose of the 2nd survey was to gain an understanding of teacher’s workload, stress levels, stress symptoms level, social activity, technology behavior. 6 out of the 8 users met user criteria. Of the 6 teachers, 5 of 6 are stressed all the time or most of the time. Half of the teachers relate stress to work. 5 out of 6 teachers are often anxious in a given week. Half of the teachers have trouble sleeping all the time. All 6 have not sought professional help to manage stress. Some of the top ways they try to manage stress are by reading, art, music, meditation, and deep breathing. Some supports they would like to use include: virtual mental health, nutrition guide, up to date COVID-19 info.
Secondary Research
I did secondary research to gain a better understanding of the problem scope. In other school districts across the nation, teachers have stress levels that have risen since the pandemic and they have been engaging in more unhealthy behaviors which were similar to the small sample survey I conducted( more sedentary breaks). In an article in NPR, states that “many teachers are eating and drinking more while sleeping and exercising less.”(, teachers who had quit during the COVID-19 outbreak was related to stress, more workload, and filled with the technical problem (
This is Grecia the Persona for this project. It shows a quote from him, his goals, his basics, his bio, and motivations.
Using a combination of survey and interview data and the client’s prior research we developed Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis is a 55-year-old kindergarten teacher in an urban school who lives with his partner in Oakland, CA. His personality type is an ISFJ, He’s an advocate. He tends to overwork himself by helping everyone else. His frustrations are missing important messages like programs with deadlines, reading long emails from admin, not managing stress well, difficulty getting to know coworkers now; feeling disconnected, wanting an easy way to do things so he has more time to teach.
He’s motivated by: ease of use and features. His goals include being able to find school-related information quickly, being able to interact with coworkers easily, manage stress, stay organized, and have more time.
The hallway experience card
The hallway experience card
The current situation of communication ay schools for teachers.
The current situation of communication ay schools for teachers.
Just like in other schools results of the teachers I surveyed indicate that they are stressed and not doing healthy habits.
Just like in other schools results of the teachers I surveyed indicate that they are stressed and not doing healthy habits.
Long Term Goal
My client, my co-creator, and I talked about our long-term goals. This is part of the design sprint process which allows us to be optimistic about the future of the app In 2 years, this internal communication app will be a public school teacher's one-stop-shop for information, communication, tools, processes, and teambuilding.
Sprint Questions
Can we make something that teachers will enjoy looking at?
Can we facilitate interaction among teachers?
Can we make it easier for teachers to do self-care?
Lightning Demo
Lightning Demo Inspiration Card
Bright Now: One of the only school employee apps that helps teachers stay connected in a personalized way. Has engagement strategies in place like #motivation Monday and prizes seems like a good option to keep teachers coming back.

Strava: Large visual tracker and colors strategically placed to make your eyes move around the screen. Which could be a tool used for breaks

AllTrails: Map of different overlays can be useful for use for things like COVID-19 vaccine locator, COVID-19 outbreaks, or other environmental issues

Strava: Large visual tracker and colors strategically placed to make your eyes move around the screen. Which could be a tool used for breaks
AllTrails: Map of different overlays can be useful for use for things like COVID-19 vaccine locator, COVID-19 outbreaks, or other environmental issues
Current State Journey




Future State Journey 

Solution Workshop: 

C razy 8s and the 4 Step Sketch
C razy 8s and the 4 Step Sketch
I combined ideas to create these concepts that had features such as a timer with various breaks that aligned with the normal break time, a newsfeed/social feed to help with delivering information, including health and wellness related ones in a more engaging way, and other ways that teachers could use to get healthy
Decision Workshop
After drawing out concepts, my client and I chose the sketch we would like to move forward with, and we also chose which feature we will hold back for now and develop after. My client chose the newsfeed/ social feed because it directly answers 3 of the sprint questions. “Can we make it easier for teachers to locate key information?” Yes, because we can provide ways to search for things and organize things easily with tags, topics, and a search bar. “Can we facilitate interaction among teachers?” Yes, unlike school messengers, we can directly comment on a post and will have options to do interactions with the least amount of effort. “Can we make something that teachers will enjoy looking at?” Yes because we can keep design principles in mind while also keeping in mind who our target audience is.
Paper Prototype
Before I moved forward. I used some of the sketches with concepts that my co-creator, my client, and I chose. This helped us see if we had the elements and components in place that would allow our user to accomplish the task related to one of the design sprint questions.
Digital Wireframe and

Digital Wireframe of screens to test
Digital Wireframe of screens to test
Guided by the actions I took before this, I wireframed the concept we chose to move forward. This reflection part was super important because it was easy to get distracted. Although onboarding is important, my client wanted me to focus on a specific design sprint question.
Usability Testing
I tested 3 teachers. They reviewed the prototype and gave us feedback on the flow, features, and look. Based on this, even though the feedback was mostly positive, we made some small adjustments — clearly differentiate different parts of the app, changed the color more appropriate for Mr. Davis.
Usability Testing Results
User Testing Result Card
User Testing Result Card
The good:
Teachers loved the look and love that they can see pictures of coworkers
Said they would use this for catching up on school updates, looking up policies, and posting pictures!

Make adjustments:
Clearly differentiate different parts of the app
Update the color with, reassess what Mr. Davis (persona) would like
Add words to icons.
Finishing Touches
Some of the main changes I did were differentiate items more by size, I added pictures, changed the colors a bit. I changed the color because when I asked my co-creator what they thought about the color scheme, they said it reminded them of their child’s favorite colors. With Mr. Davis in mind, I looked up what “baby boomers” like and it’s not mint green which is more millennial. When I applied the change regarding the color my co-creator said she liked it and said it looks more professional.
The Outcome
Validated concepts and introduced possible ones by testing the prototype with 3 who helped me validate direction while giving valuable insights.
Teachers just needed an easier way to interact with their coworkers, especially the ones they rarely see. Some teachers are teaching in person, and some are at a distance. They need an easy to use and read communication app to help them be efficient and to be receptive to health and wellness related communications
Having access to health tools in an app they already use for work is something that they would like to see

Next Steps
-Develop other parts of the app
-What other areas can we improve for teachers? Lesson planning, grading, communicating with students and parents?

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